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Top 5 Mr Olympia Winners Of All Time

Top 5 Mr. Olympia Winners Of All Time

Welcome to the Alpha Male Blueprint, today we are going to check out the Top 5 Mr. Olympia Winners of all time!

Being one of the best bodybuilders of all time is not something that comes easy.  Years of discipline in the gym and kitchen are not only required but are an absolute necessity. Here is our list of some of the best in the business.Mr. Olympia Winners

5 – Phil Heath

When you have Phil Heath only sitting at number 5 on your list you know that this is going to be one hell of a list! Since 2011 there has only been one man at the top of the Mr Olympia winners leaderboard and that has been Phil Heath. He is the reigning champ – can he hold on to his title this year? He even finished in the top three in his novice year. What a bodybuilder!Mr. Olympia Winners

4 – Dorian Yates

This man from England takes fourth place on our list. He was on Mr Olympia winners podium amazingly 6 times and made him the fourth highest ranked of all time. His nickname of The Shadow is because he lived in the shadows until the big competitions came around. He then won more often than not. He is a very private man but a bodybuilding legend.

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3 – Ronnie Coleman

Tied with our number 2 pick for the most Mr Olympia winners is Ronnie Coleman with 8 titles. His training videos have sold millions of copies as fans from around the world want to look like Ronnie. He has more IFBB professional titles than anyone else in history with a tally of 26. Coleman had a competing weight of 300 pounds and every pound was pure muscle.Mr. Olympia Winners

2 – Lee Haney

This guy has won 8 Mr Olympia titles, winning it every year from 1984 to 1991. That is a total dominance of the bodybuilding big prize for such a long time. This is the joint record with someone else in our list. Lee Haney now spends his time using his success to coach others. Lee Haney will always be remembered to us as Mr Olympia because he won it so many times.

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1 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

This man took bodybuilding into the mainstream and forged the path for all the other guys on the list. Without Arnold, there would be not professional bodybuilding. He won Mr Olympia an amazing seven times in total as well as being a competitive powerlifter and weightlifter. He was also Mr Universe 5 times in a career that took him all the way to Hollywood after the movie Pumping Iron went global.

Do you agree with our list? Who did we miss? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.

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Adam Howell is a high school dropout turned serial entrepreneur. He successfully launched 5 startups in a single year which have been featured on Fox, Business Insider, Huffington Post, PC Mag and more. After traveling to 15 different countries he now calls Thailand home and teaches others how they can do the same.

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    1. Cheers man! Yeah, that was a tough one… I had him in the number 2 spot during the first draft but we wound up bumping him to the number 3 spot for Lee Haney. Ronnie Coleman will always be one of the greatest of all time!

  1. Would put Dorian before Ronnie but everything else seems in order. Great article Adam, it’s not hard to notice that you have some great knowledge on this topic. Do you have more articles? Would love to see them.

    1. Yeah I hear ya John, it was a tough call but I chose Ronnie, they’re both very evenly matched. 
      Thanks for the comment though man, we have another one you might like. It’s on the 8 biggest myths about building muscle. You can read it right here or on our site. http://www.alphamaleblueprint.com/the-8-biggest-muscle-building-myths/

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