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Why You Need To Go To The Gym To Be An Alpha Male

Why You Need To Go To The Gym To Be An Alpha Male

When I was younger I would often see jacked guys and always noticed that they had a different type of vibe surrounding them.

They seemed more confident, more successful, and more disciplined.

And the reason for that is, well… Because they were.

If you’re like I was you would probably make excuses like wishing you had the time, money, knowledge, or experience to dedicate yourself to getting into shape.

But the reality was that I was lazy.

Now, I lied to myself about this fact for many years and would justify in my own head that I needed to do a pile of research, find out the best routine, hire a coach, buy all the perfect supplements, and nail down the right meal plan.

It was all bullshit.

There are basically 2 simple rules that you need to follow.

Eat healthy and workout.

Now, we are all adults here and every one of us know what healthy food is compared to eating garbage.

If you are a full grown man and have not mastered the basic skill of feeding yourself properly then it is time to take a look in the mirror and really ask yourself, “What am I doing?”

Being fat is not cool, it’s not attractive to women, it’s not going to make you feel confident, and it’s certainly not healthy.

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What category do you fall under now? But more importantly, where do you want to end up?

Being skinny shares many of those same characteristics and will not allow you to reach your full potential.

Wouldn’t you rather spend the prime years of your life being an alpha male?

I wasted my whole 20’s not being in shape and I regret it so much. Don’t let it happen to you.

Now when it comes to actually getting to the gym for the first time it can be an intimidating experience.

Many people are self-conscious and wonder what other people will think.

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Don’t worry, no one gives a shit about what you’re doing at the gym, they are all there working on themselves and many are on a tight schedule and looking to get in and out as soon as possible.

Just do a little bit of research on the basic lifts so you don’t look like a fool and wind up being the next Youtube sensation.

There are basically 5 simple lifts that you need to stimulate massive muscle growth.

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-Flat Benchpress -Barbell Squat
-Military/Overhead Press
-Barbell Row

Learn these 5 techniques by watching Youtube videos and searching on Google.

All of the supplements, diet plans, perfect routines and everything else can come later.

So how much time do you need to dedicate?

45 minutes / 3 times a week.

Yeah, that’s right. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym and turn your life upside down in order to get into shape.

Start with a very basic schedule like Monday, Wednesday, Friday, (You want to avoid going 2 days in a row so that your body has time for recovery) and take the weekends off.

There are many simple routines out there, I recommend Mark Rippetoe’s “Starting Strength” routine for the ultimate noobie (google it, it’s out there for free).

The most important part of this whole process is to get started!

Adding supplements and ramping things up to 5 days a week can all come down the road once you start to embrace the health and fitness lifestyle.

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And remember, 90% of the work is done in the kitchen. If you are not eating properly you will literally be shooting yourself in the foot.

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Stop eating sugar, processed foods, and unhealthy carbs and be wary of eating too much fruit as it has an extremely high sugar content.

Instead focus on eating lean proteins like eggs, chicken, and fish, lots of vegetables and healthy carbs like brown rice and oatmeal.

The first couple of days are going to suck a little bit and you are going to be sore but make sure you hang in there.

By as early as week 3 you will start to see some results and be on your way to a healthier, more confident, alpha male lifestyle.

Adam Howell is a high school dropout turned serial entrepreneur. In 2016 he successfully launched 5 start-ups in a single year. One of those projects was featured on Fox News, Business Insider, Huffington Post, PC Mag and more. In 2017 he took that project from a $40,000 valuation all the way to $30,042,310. After travelling to 15 different countries he now calls Thailand home and spends his time working on the next big thing.

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