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Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy has been placed to clearly explain how we collect, store, share or use your personal information. We shall never sell, lease, or share information with third parties to directly benefit from any marketing or business relationship that involves actual or potential misuse of your sensitive information.

You should acknowledge that accessing www.alphamaleblueprint.com, or using any services being offered on this website or the websites of its channel partners, affiliates and service providers shall be deemed that you have reviewed this privacy policy and consent to abide by its provisions. When you access alphamaleblueprint.com, or use any services being offered on this website or the websites of its channel partners, affiliates and service providers, we shall get a right to collect user data as well as personally identifiable information.

Subject to applicable laws, this privacy policy shall govern all privacy issues that might arise in relation to the use of this website. However, nothing in this privacy policy shall apply to user data that we collect from offline sources or personal information that you share on social media and other public platforms.


When you visit alphamaleblueprint.com, we shall have a right to collect systems related user data (non-identifiable) as well as identifiable information like your name, email, phone number, credit card, postal address and other details related to your demographic profile. However, only that much information should be collected which is necessary to run this website.

Non identifiable personal information pertains to general user information like IP address, Domain information, Internet Service Provider, Date and time of your access, duration of your stay on the website, pages or ads that attracted you, pages or ads that dejected you, websites that referred you, how frequently you visited this website, what browser type and operating system was used and what was your general browsing behavior on the website. These are the general information that is used for statistical analysis and website development. We mostly gather this system-related information through session cookies and other automated tools like web beacons and log files. Although, we may collect information related to your browsing behavior, the information is compiled and used in an aggregate and anonymous form.

Web beacons, log files and cookies

Although, we may use automated tools like web beacons, log files, and cookies to collect user information about the visitors, improvement in our services to provide unmatched user experience remains the sole purpose of gathering and using personal information of our visitors. We use our web log to identify popular features, improve the designs and services on this website and gather important database for managerial and analytic purposes. Web logs may also help us identify individuals who try to commit fraud, engage in unlawful activities or misuse our services on this website.

Cookies are probably the most important automated tools that allow us to understand your preferences and redesign the website to improve the navigation of the website and usefulness of our services. Cookies are simply text files that are stored on your hard disk with your permission. They don’t gather or reveal any personal information unless you consent to link your registered profile to these cookies by subscribing to our services.  If you don’t want to allow our cookies, you can do so by changing the configuration settings of your web browser. However, you should understand that cookies are very crucial for proper functioning of this website and if you choose to disable them, you may not be able to use any services or access the website at all.

Social Media buttons

You should acknowledge that we may use social media features that allow us to embed “Like” or “Share” buttons on our website. These third party features may use their own cookies to provide certain functionalities related to their websites. You should understand that third party features on our website are governed by their own terms and privacy policies. We are not responsible for any use or misuse of your sensitive information by these third party websites. You should review their policies before using these services.

Identifiable Personal Information

Besides these systems-related variables, we may also collect identifiable information like name, organization, address, email address, mobile number or other details of your demographics. Personally Identifiable Information is collected, stored, processed and used only when you submit this information to access or use our premium services. For example, you may submit your name and contact details for subscribing to our newsletter, surveys, contests, and membership. You may be also required to submit your personal details while requesting help and support or submitting feedback on the website.

We may gather and use/share your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Granting subscription or membership to this website or providing any premium feature or value added services being offered/sponsored on the website.
  • Providing access to promotional sweepstakes, contests and surveys. However, before using or sharing the survey opinions, the gathered information/opinion should be aggregated in such a manner that it’s not possible to identify the individual participants.
  • Provide access to blogs, forums or other public platforms being managed or sponsored by the website.
  • Providing requested services and ensuring that collaborating service providers are following your instructions/preferences.
  • Resolving your queries, concerns and other inquiries from our customer support through any means of communication.
  • Providing customized services and promotional offers in case you consent to receive third party advertisements and offers.
  • Ensuring unmatched browsing experience to our visitors or members who have linked their email address to this website.
  • Communicating with you regarding service updates, promotional offers and matters related to your subscription or membership account with us.

You should acknowledge that we may enter a collaboration or business relationship with third party service providers to analyses/review statistical data, use financial services and offer unmatched services. We may share your personal information with these third party services providers to smoothly run this website and provide requested services in professional and hassle-free manner. However, only that much necessary information should be shared for them to effectively deliver their services and they shall be contractually bound to ensure the privacy and security of the users.

Blogs, Forums and Social Media Platforms

You should acknowledge that we may provide, manage or sponsor blogs, forums or social media platforms on this website or the websites of our channel partners and collaborating service providers. You should acknowledge and consent that this Privacy policy doesn’t apply on these public platforms and we are not responsible for any presumed or actual threat to your privacy on our public platforms. Anything that you share on the public platforms shall be deemed as general information and may be used and disclosed to promote our business.

We shall not be responsible for misuse of your personal information on these public platforms. You should be very careful of what you say or share on the blogs, forums or social media platforms because once shared, you may have no control about your personal information which becomes accessible to general public.

Disclosures for Personal Information:

You should acknowledge and consent that we may disclose User Information with third parties under the following conditions:

  • Providing improved services: we should have a right to share your personal information with our channel partners and collaborating service providers so that we may improve our services and provide unmatched user experience to the members of this website.
  • Delivering requested services in hassle-free and professional manner: we may collaborate with our channel partners and third party service providers to ensure that your requested product, service or information is delivered in a professional and hassle-free manner.
  • Business promotion: we may share our user data with third party service providers for launching promotional offers like contests and sweepstakes or organizing surveys and marketing campaigns to promote our business.
  • Direct marketing: in case you consent to receive promotional emails and third party advertisements, we may share your email or contact information with third party advertisers/direct marketers to provide customized offers and valuable services.
  • We may share your personal information with third party service providers to send newsletters, provide useful and valuable information, process credit card or run this website in a hassle-free manner.
  • We may disclose your identifiable information with third party entities in case we have sufficient reasons to believe that doing so is necessary to protect our business or legal rights, prevent illegal or unauthorized activities on this website, cooperate with investigating agencies or comply with regulations, statues and court rulings or facilitate smooth transfer of ownership to this website, including the database of personal information. Our decision as to what amounts to sufficient reasons shall be final.


You should acknowledge that we may monetize this website by publishing ads or engaging third party advertising company to publish ads when you visit our website. Third party advertising company may collect and use your personally non-identifiable information or browsing behavior to determine your preferences and provide customized offers and detriments related to your interest. This entails serving unique cookies on your web browser so that your browsing behavior is used for offering custom and promotional emails, and we may share your personal information to offer customized goods and services.

We may also use the services of third party advertisers, marketing affiliates and other service providers to source useful information, reviews, and services that may interest you. When you decide to enter an agreement with these third party service providers, you may actually consent to let them collect and use your personal information as per their terms and privacy policies. You should carefully review their terms and privacy policy before consenting to use their services.


www.alphamaleblueprint.com shall maintain an opt-out list to protect its members from unsolicited marketing emails. If you don’t consent to receive promotional offers from our website or collaborating service providers, you can register your email address to our opt-out list by writing to our support executives or following the opt-out link at the bottom of such emails. However, nothing in this Privacy Policy shall prevent us from communicating important policy changes or issues related to your account.


You should acknowledge that our website is not equipped to recognize and honor the “Do not track” signals from your web browser. Therefore, our cookies and other automated data gathering tools shall respond in the same manner irrespective of the fact that your web browser configuration settings send “Do not track” signal when you visit this website.


We may include links or ads to third party products and services. Third party web sites operate under their own terms and privacy policies. This privacy policy won’t protect your privacy on these third party websites, and we shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect consequences that may arise in relation to your use of third party products and services. Sharing links to third party websites or publishing their advertisements don’t mean that we are recommending, endorsing or sponsoring their products and services.


We shall take every possible safeguard to ensure that your personal information is never lost or compromised. Our servers are secured, and all transactions take place through industry-standard SSL encryption technology. We have implemented every feasible safeguards to comply with international security guidelines and ensure that unauthorized access, use, destruction, disclosure or changes of data is successfully prevented.


When you access www.alphamaleblueprint.com or enter an agreement to use any services being offered on this website, it shall be deemed that you have attained legal maturity to share your personal information, or accessing/using this website under the supervision of your guardian. Minors who are less than 18 years of age or accessing/using this website without the consent and supervision of their guardians are not authorized to use our services. We shall retain absolute discretionary rights to stop the access of this website to children under the age of 13 and purge their personal information from our servers.


Please acknowledge that we are absolutely committed to protect your privacy on this website and ensure that your sensitive information is never misused by third party advertisers and service providers. We are fully compliant with applicable laws related to your privacy and security over the Internet. If you have any questions or concerns related to this privacy policy, you can send your queries to [email protected]. We shall ensure that your concerns are quickly resolved.